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Small “failures” are okay.

As we all know I’ve been wanting to stop smoking and drinking. Why? Not just for my health, my breathing and my well-being but because the majority of time I cannot deal with the anxiety. The hanxiety has I call it. As well as not remembering what happened, being hungover and thinking “how did I embarrass myself this time”. Well truth is, I failed.

I went away the weekend and I drank and I smoked. Then I started thinking I’m a failure. I felt like I’d not just let myself down but also my followers.

But then I remembered, we can’t all be perfect. We can’t always do everything in one go. One step at a time. The drinking this weekend, I remembered everything and had a good time. I had no hangovers. It was great.

So to me that is a small step to achieving something.

Don’t be hard on yourself if you do “fail”. It doesn’t matter.

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