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Ask for Angela in a bar

I remember when the ask for Angela came out. I was hoping that every bar, pub etc would get involved and educate themselves. I know it would of helped me get out of some awkward dates!

I am in Nottingham for the weekend. With my wonderful partner, visiting my sister who lives here due to uni. I’ve had the best time.

We was in a bar yesterday, Brewdog to be exact (very nice, recommend). Anyways, I went to the toilet. While sitting on the toilet for them 10 seconds, I had nothing to do but look at the back of the toilet door, and there it was. Ask for Angela. I instantly took a photo to upload to my socials of how proud I was. Whenever I see posters in toilet along the same lines it makes my day. Where else are you alone when out? The toilet. Best place to put it!

Anyways, Ask for Angela is a signal. So you go to the bar and ask for Angela. The bar staff will then instantly know you need help. Say you are on an online dating date and you’ve been catfished or they’re making you feel unsafe, ask for Angela at the bar. So the bar staff will get you a safe journey home, will get you away from the situation and basically keep you safe. Brilliant idea.

I never used it, as I was in a relationship during this time but I can imagine I would of benefitted from it. I just wonder how effective is it, has anyone asked before and the bar staff just look and ask who’s Angela? But I would hope it helps.

Also, massive shoutout to Brewdog for having free pads and tampons in your toilet for if you get caught short – you are a life saver.

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