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International Mens Day

International Mens Day. A day to celebrate the men in our lives. I also find it an opportunity to support men that are in an abusive relationship. But also, is celebrating men difficult for those who have experienced abuse from them?

Let’s start with the celebrations shall we. I have two men I’d love to celebrate today and I’ll do it on here.

My dad. My dad is like my bestfriend. We are similar it’s weird, I’m basically the female version of my dad? But I’m actually okay with that. Dad worked his way up in his career and now has his own business, inspiring. He’s always worked so hard to make sure me and my sisters have the best life. So thank you dad, you are amazing.

Charlie – my current partner. It’s been hard to trust me that aren’t my dad as they always let me down (only in a relationship setting, I’ll get to that later on). Charlie knew me for years before we got together. Charlie has been a life saver. He has helped me overcome parts of my anxiety where I can go out in my area now without being scared. He’s listened, he’s wiped away the tears, he’s supported me, he’s nursed me back to health. Maybe I’ll do a blog about him one day as I cannot describe how amazing he is to me. So Charlie, my love, thank you.

Now one of the main reasons for me for the day is to support and encourage men to seek help if they are in an abusive relationship. Since I’ve been doing my domestic abuse projects I’ve always made sure it’s not just aimed and women and children. I completely understand the statistics don’t get me wrong, I know it all. However it’s still a large part of that abuse that is men. I understand why men don’t reach out, I understand that there isn’t as many facilities there for male victims, I understand. I have watched documentaries, I’ve read survivors books and it actually breaks my heart. So if you are reading this, you are male and you do need help. Please reach out. RespectUK and ManKind Initiative charities are there to help you. If you need anything else, my messages are always open.

Now finally, as I write this blog it dawned on me that some women would struggle to support and celebrate international Mens day. And I understand why. If a female has experience abuse and is still suffering from the effects of that, of course there will be a time when we don’t trust me. I think that’s okay. We just have to remember that it isn’t all men.

So enough from me, happy Mens day guys!

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