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Diamonds aren’t a girls bestfriend

I never really understood the saying. Especially for a car insurance company advertisement anyways. It apparently means that the diamond symbolises lifelong friendship with a companion, meaning they are with their bestfriend. Kind of understand that but it’s not that way for many people.

I was engaged once. Weird to even think about it now. Engagements are supposed to be something to be excited about. A little bit I was as I didn’t realise I was in an abusive relationship. But it wasn’t the fairytale way of being asked like I’d hoped. I think I just said yes as I was on the spot. It was at home with a cheap bunch of supermarket flowers. It’s the thought that counts right? Well that’s what I told myself anyways.

The engagement party was fun, apart from he was never anywhere to be seen as he was off doing drugs somewhere. Maybe that’s why it was fun because I was hardly with him.

Anyway the point to this is diamonds aren’t a girls bestfriend. Well it might be for some, but it’s not far me. Not just from bad memories as hopefully one day I’ll have memories to replace the bad ones. But my bestfriend is actually my dog.

A girls bestfriend is their dog (for some). Yes my dog is a massive pain in the you know what but she’s always happy to see me, she’s always by my side, listens and doesn’t tell anyone my secrets and knows when somethings wrong.

Thank you to my wonderful dog. You helped me throughout my domestic abuse time. So as a matter of fact, you are my bestfriend not a diamond.

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