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Do Princess Films Show DVA?

Today is apparently National Princess Day. Safe to say I didn’t know such day existed. However, I am a massive fan of Disney! When I was younger the Princess films were my favourite. I had them all on video (showing my age slightly). My mum would bring me home a video everyday from work as a present (buying it on the way home, she didn’t work in a video store. Come to think of it, would of been cheaper for her if she did). I would sit up watching them till 2am to the happiness of my parents who had to sit with me and had to leave for work at 6am. Cinderella was my favourite. Then it hit me this morning, was they showing domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse – people generally think of it as if you are in a relationship. Wrong my friends. This also includes family abuse too. So let’s have a look at a couple of my favourite Disney films.

Cinderella – her father died and she was left living with her step family. In this day an age presumably that would of been his dying wish on paper. She was forced to be a slave. She was even locked in a room before. That’s abuse, until a prince saved her.

Tangled – more of a modern take on the old version but I still love it. She was locked in a tower for years and years, taken advantage of by her mother. “Mother knows best”. I don’t think she does somehow. That’s abuse, until a guy saves her.

Frozen – not one of my favourites as I must have seen it about 1000 times due to young people being in the family. Another modern one of course. Locked away for being different. Then when her parents past she stayed locked away. Is it abuse? Is it a parent just being concerned? Of course it was through caring as there wasn’t any evil in this film. However, still a form of abuse. Would you like to be locked in a room for years? Not particularly. However, with this film she saves herself or with the help of her sister. Girl power!

Can you think of more? I probably can but I have to get ready for work. Did these films influence abuse at home? Was it made to be normalised? Or was it showing that you can get through the other side? However, you don’t need a prince or a guy to help you. You can do it all by yourself, with support of others if need be.

2 responses to “Do Princess Films Show DVA?”

  1. I was a tomboy growing up. I did not like dolls they freaked me out. My friend & I used to chop the hair off her sister’s barbie dolls, black marker for their eyeliner. I do believe in the message of a prince will save you is not a good one. Save Yourself. Girl Power! I never had a favorite Disney Princess. I was more of a The Last Unicorn & scary movies even at a young age. I’m a huge true crime fan. Always searching for why or who or what makes people to the evil things they do.

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    1. That’s great! To be fair, dolls are freaky aren’t they! Haha


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