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Why Comic Relief mucked up

Comic Relief is a charity that helps support people living tough lives in the UK. They do amazing work and I think we shouldn’t forget that.


There has been extreme uproar yesterday (that I have just seen today).

I didn’t watch it so I had to find out what had been going on! But i was quick to discover why they really mucked up.

There was a clip shown on domestic abuse. What we can do to protect mums and their children. To help children just be children.

When you watch it you think “how lovely, they are actually recognising the taboo subject domestic abuse”. But when you look further into it, here’s the problem.

In the UK at March end 2020 2.3 million UK adults had experienced domestic abuse. Yes 1.6m of them were women, but the rest were men.

Where was men mentioned in this? No where.

We have to be more inclusive. We are getting so far on domestic abuse and a lot of great work is being done.

Let’s not forget that it’s not just women likes it’s not just men that abuse.

Keep it going…. It’s men too.

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