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Road Rage

I think we all have a bit of road rage in us, a little is okay. Even people that don’t drive, I’m sure they do too. But I find it quite triggering.

When I was 18 I had just passed my driving test and was driving to college. The drive was around 20 minutes away and it was always really busy. I wasn’t a confident driver to say the least. I used to park a few roads down to avoid the busy car park at college. I’d always fear I’d stall and embarrass myself.

Anyways, one day I was driving to college. I started at 8 so it was quite early. Little did I know I was being followed the whole way. I went to turn round in the dead end road where I parked and someone in a car was blocking the road. This woman got out and started screaming at me. Apparently I cut her up slightly back 15 minutes away so she followed me out of rage to shout at me. I was only 18 and she was around mum age (40s I’d say). I remember locking my car. She wanted me to get out. She was so angry, as if I’d really caused her a problem. When she went I sat in my car and cried.

From then on, I always checked if cars were following me. If I felt someone was behind me for a long period of time, I’d go the long way home or go down a different road just to make sure.

Then when I was in my abusive relationship, he would always start arguments, beep, cause crashes and whatever else. It put me off driving so much.

It’s still triggering to this day.

It’s okay to have some road rage, but don’t be extreme. You never know how it’ll effect someone, even 10 years later.

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