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Back to work

I haven’t really been at work in which seems forever. Today is my first day back (still working from home thankfully).

As many know I was in the Young Banker of the Year competition which was my main priority. A lot of work went into it until the finals on October 7th when I won! After that I thought I deserved a two week break.

My two weeks wasn’t very exciting, I didn’t go anywhere or really do anything. However, it was just nice to do nothing for a change! But during this time I had come to the decision with my partner to go private to check my nose. I hadn’t been able to breath through it for years (not properly anyways) and the nhs, after many tests and meds couldn’t resolve the problem. So after going private we established that half of my nose had basically collapsed and an operation I had by the nhs when 17 was done incorrectly. I got my surgery date quite quickly.

I went back to work for a week then I was off on sick leave for my surgery! (Another post to follow id say).

But back to work today. How do I feel? Okay. In two weeks I start a new role which is quite exciting. But I have so many meetings (doing what I love ie domestic abuse part) but I was actually enjoying the life of doing nothing. I’m fortunate that I love my job and the company I work for so once I’m back into the swing of it I’ll be fine.

It must be awful to hate your job, dreading going back after a long period of time. Least I don’t have that problem.

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