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Domestic abuse survey for men

I am part of Survivors Symposium at Alpha Vesta and we are looking for men to complete the following:

Alpha Vesta are committed to ‘breaking the cycle of domestic abuse through awareness, prevention and early intervention’ and conduct ground level research regularly to look at better ways we are able to reach people through workplaces and communities.

There are many myths and stereotypes that exist around domestic abuse about who may be affected or impacted by it. Some are directly impacted – others are indirectly impacted as may be family members, friends, work colleagues or members of the community, male or female.

One theme that has emerged throughout our Survivors Symposium and Workforce Culture Reviews is that not only can men be victims of domestic abuse but they may also be seeing, hearing and noticing things around them that could indicate domestic abuse. There is often a lack of confidence and understanding to see the signs in their own relationship but also amongst people they know. This lack of confidence is fuelled by those myths and stereotypes that sit around domestic abuse. Alpha Vesta’s Survivors Symposium wanted to place this hypothesis under a bit of scrutiny and have launched a COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS poll for anyone to distribute amongst as many men as possible amongst their family, friends, work colleagues and community.

Alpha Vesta have formed a working group within their Symposium to analyse the results which we hope, will allow us to create bespoke awareness packages and early intervention training resources to better reach all members of the community regardless of gender or sexuality.

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