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Hi I’m Rosie and I have a story

Quite a lot of people recently have been reaching out and asking me what’s my story and how I got into sharing my story to all different platforms.

So if you are new here…. Hi I’m Rosie. Also known as rosiesdva and rosielyoncoaching.

I experienced domestic abuse without realising through my whole relationship (7.5 years 17-24). I left in June 2019 and by October 2019 post separation abuse had fully started including physical abuse. I was in a battle since then to this day. My abuser refused to leave, pay or sell our joint mortgaged property. Due to this it is now in repossession and I can’t even get a phone contract out in my own name.

I had severe anxiety, ocd, depression and PTSD from the situation. But in 2021, I started to take back my life.

I entered a competition in Feb 2021 – The Chartered Banker Institutes Young Banker of the Year Worldwide. The first time it had been held worldwide. I entered with my idea to build A Fairer Financial Future for Sufferers and Survivors of Domestic Abuse. I won in October 21. The first UK female to win the worldwide competition.

During and since then I’ve volunteered at domestic abuse charities, the nhs, my local council, food banks and many more. I’ve shared my story worldwide, to different businesses and anyone that wants awareness raised. I’ve brought out and assisted with policies, procedure changes, blogs, media articles, podcasts and so much more.

Im also working on my idea to obtain lending opportunities for sufferers and survivors of domestic abuse that have poor credit due to no fault of their own.

I will continue to fight, I will continue to speak and will continue to bring change. To allow people, live myself, to rebuild their lives.

Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to connect with you!

Love Rosie x

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