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A common cold

I haven’t posted in a while as I’ve been really unwell. I’ve had a cold.

Okay yes it’s just a cold, I completely get that. But when I tell you It’s been torture…. I know I sound dramatic, but I never remember a cold being like this. I’ve had to take time off work (even though I work from home), I’ve been through endless tablets and medicines and it’s not shifting.

The cough is the worse part. So from all that I thought, I must have covid. I have been double jabbed, I’ve even had my flu jab! I did 3 flow tests, negative. Then I read in the media it could be wrong so I got a pcr test. Negative.

Funny isn’t it, beforehand we would be like you’ve got a cold get on with it, now we fear the worse – the worse in a cold being covid.

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