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You should love your job

I never understood really when people said you should love you job. It makes a lot of sense to me now but back then I just never thought I’d be in that position.

We spend most of our lives at work. I’m at a 9-5 (8:45-5) and when I was working in the office I was spending 4 hours commuting on top of that. Now that’s alot of time! Monday-Friday, basically giving your soul to a workplace. I’m fortunate, due to covid I haven’t had to do the 4 hours commute daily and I wake up and think I love my job. But not everyone does.

I’ve worked with so many people in different departments and industries who complain every day about their work and say how much they hate it. Well why are you still there? Go find another job and give this opportunity to someone else!

That is still my views for some people, but not all. I’ve been in many jobs that I hate or realised I hated after getting a job I really like. Some people have no choice but to do it. They either can’t find another job, need the money or for any other reasons (better hours etc). But I find it sad. I do. The reason being we spend most of our lives at work so we should really enjoy what we do.

My work give me support so I can do my domestic abuse stuff which is changing peoples lives already and there is more to come. I’m thankful for that. It makes me love my employers more. Because I do something I love.

We only have one life and it’s short enough. Think, do you love your job? If not, would you move on? What’s stopping you?

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